Senility is considered a normal part of aging that distresses many lives. It occurs mostly to the elderly. The word senile or senility is no longer a popular word. It has been replaced by the word dementia by the medical field.

My mother was diagnosed with dementia. I spent 7 long years that had been challenging and gratifying. My God and I took care of her twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week. After she went home to heaven to be with God, I kept getting confrontations in my focus of life. My excitement about daily life suddenly disappeared. My brother told me so many times that I sound like a broken record. My girl friends tell me I am having senior moments. I think I am having the early signs of dementia. I am extremely worried I decided to learn more about this disease. I wanted to know if it can be avoided or can it be reversed.

My mother’s neurologist mentioned to me during one of our visits with him that stem cells can grow into the brain. These cells have the potential to repair brain damage caused by neurological conditions such as dementia. True, stem cells are being tested to treat Alzheimer, yet it is not approved to be tested on any patient since the US Food and Drug Administration has not determined whether the experimental treatment is safe for public use. In fact, there have been no completed stem cell clinical studies to date in Alzheimer or other dementia s to warrant FDA consideration to approve stem cell as a treatment. Even if the cells belong to the patient, there are safety risks, including risks presented by the manipulation of the cells when the cells are removed.

The other issue we are dealing with are the ethical concerns of how the experiments are done. Religious groups are against the procedures and policies used by researchers.

I first heard of stem cells back in the 1990s. In those days it was said to be a possible cellular based medicine to cure diseases which have no known cure or previous cures. One of those diseases that was very widespread was the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In the blood banking sector of the healthcare industry, saving and testing the blood from the umbilical cord is one of the options that was being studied. Umbilical cord blood collected at birth is a rich source of stem cells that can be used in the clinic to treat diseases of the blood and immune system.

Everything I heard about dementia is not accurate. Dementia is not always an inherited disease. It is not in my genes. The causes of dementia include proper nutrition and lifestyle.My brain is a storage area with thousands of closets that has specific functions. These storage closets must connect and talk to each other so I can remember things like where I last left my keys. This is why we have neurotransmitters, the powerful chemicals in the brain to transmit information from one part of the brain to the other. When this neurotransmitters fail very often, we get memory loss. Sometimes these neurotransmitters stop working because we are getting old. And all of us, everything in our body ages. We get gray hair, and others.

I don’t know about you but I have decided to give my body the proper nutrition so that my brain can have enough oxygen and proper nutrition. I can feel that my brain cells are dying faster that they can be replaced. I have experienced many senior moments. I keep telling myself I have to prevent dementia from invading my brain. I have attempted to change my lifestyle by joining an exercise group three times a week and eating healthy food. I also want to get into the other ways of how I can prevent my brain from being damaged faster that I would like it to be. My friends suggested prayers, energy healing and meditations to mention a few.

One of the people I met about self healing is Paul. I met Paul at the exercise group. Paul is a member of the Honolulu Church of Light. Paul told me that there is a single gene in each of our cells that represent PERFECTION and OUR LIFE LESSONS. He calls it the ADAM GENE. (Remember Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis, Old Testament of the Christian bible?)

So, what is a gene? A gene is the thing we are made of and are inside of US. These genes are inherited from our parents. Our humanness is inherited from the beginning of creation. Genes are made up of DNA. As human beings our bodies are made up of cells, DNA and genes. And these cells inside of us can also heal our illnesses and other life concerns. As Paul told me, when we live a “life of love”, we can heal our physical bodies.

“LIFE OF LOVE”, what does it mean? According to Paul, “first is to love ourselves. Second, everything around us is a part of us. We have to love everything around us unconditionally.